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The PMC8 SUB is a true low-frequency reference monitor which extends the bass response of your speaker system, imparting more of our signature ultra-clean, ultra-fast low end to any setup.


The PMC8-2 SUB is a larger subwoofer for full-bandwidth, high-resolution reference monitoring in the most demanding professional environments.


Upgrading the PMC8-2 to an XBD monitor system offers huge benefits to all discerning professionals.


Adding a PMC8-2 SUB unit to a PMC6-2 monitor easily reconfigures them as PMC’s renowned and flexible twin-cabinet format XBD monitor system.


Adding a PMC8 SUB unit to the PMC6 easily upgrades the system to a twin-cabinet XBD monitor system.


This three-way active studio monitor is designed to provide critical reference monitoring for the most demanding applications.


A serious near/midfield monitoring tool that fits easily within any control room or immersive system, the PMC6-2 is unmatched in its outstanding clarity, forensic resolution, and sheer impact.


If you are a professional who needs the last word in reliable reference monitoring in a compact form, then the PMC6 active two-way is the answer.

NEW PMC nearfield & midfield range

After much anticipation, today is the day that PMC officially launches its latest generation of active near and midfield reference monitors. With their forensic level of detail and exceptional sound quality, these new monitors and subs set the gold standard for professional monitoring by allowing you to work faster, without fatigue and with complete confidence. With these monitors you can be sure that your finished mix will translate technically and emotionally anywhere. Five years of intense development have gone into this highly flexible new range. Every cutting-edge element of their new ground-up design has been created for the highest possible


The ci140 is complemented by the dedicated and identically sized ci140sub, for the apex in on-wall home theatre performance.