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dS-LPF Low Pass Filter

The dS-LPF is a passive 20kHz low-pass filter in 2 or 4-channel configurations designed primarily for measuring digital power amplifiers.


Stereo I/Os, insert with dry/wet and Mid/Side option, stereo base control, in the space of two 500 series modules.


The SFC2 is a versatile sampling frequency converter with two completely independent stereo converters in a single 19 inch (1HU) unit. A SFC basically consists of a high order, linear phase, digital low pass filter. With the proper design of that low pass filter the quality of the SFC process can be made “arbitrarily” good – independent of the conversion ratio. Like what we achieved in the SFC2.


An Over-Killer is a soft-clipping limiter barrel to let you get more level on your digital copy by limiting the level of a balanced analogue signal to +18dBu. The OVER-KILLER, with its unique super soft clip circuit, stays soft even when large overloads are present and does not become hard like less sophisticated systems. 


The OnTheMoon ORBITER is a high quality eight channel synthesizer mixer. 8 analog unbalanced inputs with (gain) trim, pan and volume – into stereo with +4dBu XLR balanced out and headphone out.


The OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is a mastering grade mid/side processor with unique extra controls, offering new and different stereo manipulation possibilities. It offers a wide range of applications for recording, mixing, mastering and post production – going from simple MS (mid/side) encoding/decoding, over stereo field width and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.


Instrument cable extender splitter system.


The ultimate phase-tool – Puts you in phase when the polarity button won’t.


Pedal / Pro / Instrument blender direct box / re-amp