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SARACON – a versatile multichannel file format and sampling frequency conversion tool of utmost sonic quality and unprecedented conversion speed. All standard sampling frequencies are supported, including DXD and DSD. The Super Audio Center recommends SARACON for DSD conversion. POW-R dithering is also included.

SADiE 6 Sound Suite

Sound Suite is the flagship product of the SADiE 6 range and incorporates support for all features and plugins. The other SADiE 6 products are essentially cut down versions of Sound Suite with features deemed un-necessary in their target market removed. 

SADiE 6 Mastering Suite

Mastering Suite is targeted at audio mastering and therefore doesn’t include video components, but does include CD specific tools needed for mastering. 

SADiE 6 Post Suite

Post Suite is for audio and video post production and includes video support, but not some of the audio and CD mastering tools. 

SADiE 6 Radio Producer

Radio Producer is aimed at professional radio broadcasters and radio content producers. It supports options such as VCS Dira! (playout server) integration and what are generally regarded as the fastest speech editing tools in the business. 

SADiE 6 Professional

SADiE 6 Professional is effectively the freelance version of “Radio Producer” with the same editing tools, but without the capability to be integrated into a playout system such as VCS. Some plugin options are also not available.


Verifile can reliably detect these mishaps, both in live streams and recorded files. A Verifile check can tell whether the sequence of audio samples have come verbatim from the source, or whether they have been corrupted en route – even if only a single (and perhaps inaudible) bit is wrong in an entire recording.


RA is a Nonlinear plug-in for the professional Audio Engineers that demand the most from their plug-ins. The plug-in can be thought of as an amplifier that is being over driven, (Wave Form Compression), but there is control over what part is being overdriven. An analogy from photography, it is like the curve function. 


Peacock can be used on a stereo bus to create the classic vinyl sound.  On individual tracks it is also very useful in creating large fat sounds, smoothing of the harmonic content and making a nice smooth vintage sound on vocals and other instruments.