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The 8-channel CEDAR DNS 8D is is the first DNS with a Dante® interface in addition to its AES3 audio connections. It hosts a new noise suppression algorithm optimised for broadcast and live sound, and its slick user-interface includes rapid setup and detailed modes offering better control than any previous dialogue processor.


The Weiss DNA1 is an extremely versatile toolbox for restoration work. It handles broadband noise reduction as well as de-clicking and de-crackling. The K-Stereo Ambience Processor brings back life to the music in case it lost some during de-noising, or generates a pseudo stereo signal out of mono. Finally an M/S matrix allows to define the stereo width.

CEDAR for Pyramix64

Written specifically for, and integrated within the workflow of Merging Technologies’ 64-bit Pyramix systems, CEDAR for Pyramix 64 includes six advanced processes that allow users to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of their audio.

Trinity Enhance

A plug-in compatible with all of the common audio and video playback and editing platforms, Trinity Enhance is simple to use but is nonetheless an effective audio forensic toolkit comprising four complementary processes that suppress noise and enhance speech to increase listenability and intelligibility.


CEDAR Trinity is a suite of products designed for real-time audio surveillance and related purposes. It can monitor and record live feeds, handle existing audio files, replay and enhance all or any part of a recording, allow multiple users to access feeds, log and transcribe events… and much more.

SE 1

Designed following extensive consultation with law enforcement and security agencies, the SE-1 offers sophisticated speech enhancement for real-time surveillance and rapid response. It’s rugged yet small and light, it’s simple to operate, and it’s able to run on batteries so that it can be used wherever it’s needed.

Studio 8

CEDAR Studio 8 is the latest incarnation of our award-winning CEDAR Studio suite of plug-ins. Derived from the flagship CEDAR Cambridge system, CEDAR Studio allows users to eliminate a wide range of noise problems and provides unsurpassed results quickly and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention.

DNS 8 Live

The CEDAR DNS 8 Live is designed specifically for broadcast and live sound. Its eight channels of dialogue noise suppression make it suitable for use in all live situations – not just broadcasting live-to-air, but also for live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conference venues, and places of worship.


Portable and simple to use, the DNS 2 is designed for live and location sound use. It eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain and general background noise. It also helps to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and will suppress excessive reverberation.


From the most powerful speech enhancement for forensics and security to the most demanding high-volume restoration for libraries and archives, CEDAR Cambridge is the most powerful tool in its class. It has also been used for premastering countless CDs, DVDs, broadcasts and movie soundtracks. Fully modular configurations!