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Patch LT

32 point (16 in / 16 out) software controlled analog patching system


64 point (32 in / 32 out) software controlled analog patching system

Patch XT

192 point (96 in / 96 out) software controlled analog patching system


BiG SiX is the essential SSL studio with full USB integration – incl. G-Series Bus Compressor with renowned ‘Auto’ release, E-Series EQ, glorious sounding mic pres with channel processing, and advanced monitoring and routing, all designed on a SuperAnalogue foundation.

Mic Pre 4T

The Mic Pre 4T adds four variable high-pass filters to four high-gain/high headroom Mic Pres in a single rack space unit with soulful circuitry.

Ultra Vulture

Capable of the huge harmonic and dynamic sonic impact of earlier models but now even better suited to subtle use and fine tuning of transient content, loudness and valve harmonic warmth for stereo sources.


The PMC8 SUB is a true low-frequency reference monitor which extends the bass response of your speaker system, imparting more of our signature ultra-clean, ultra-fast low end to any setup.


The PMC8-2 SUB is a larger subwoofer for full-bandwidth, high-resolution reference monitoring in the most demanding professional environments.


Upgrading the PMC8-2 to an XBD monitor system offers huge benefits to all discerning professionals.


Adding a PMC8-2 SUB unit to a PMC6-2 monitor easily reconfigures them as PMC’s renowned and flexible twin-cabinet format XBD monitor system.