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SSL 12

SSL 12 is a 12-in/8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that enables you to get studio-quality audio into and out of your computer with minimal fuss and maximum creativity.


Hardware stereo compressor with plug-in control by ethernet.


16 Channel ORIGIN Mixing Console: Stunning SSL Sound Quality, Powerful Routing Options, and Intelligent Hybrid Workflows in a Smaller Footprint.


The DNS 4 is the most advanced portable model in the DNS series. The dialogue noise suppressors that everyone uses everywhere.

Cross Compression EQ

Use this unit as a bax style EQ, an “auto-tilt” dynamically triggered EQ, a standard EQ, two full band compressors working in tandem, or two bands of EQ. It will hold down excessive dynamics, or inject a dynamic element into your program material, if its a little too restrained and needs to dance a bit more

Stem Mix & Compression Matrix

A flexible, channel-split mix-bus compressor for modern, hybrid and hardware mixing. With the side chain mix and stem mix compression return, the possibilities are endless.

Tracking Dock

Single slot 500-series recording channel with two advanced dynamic EQ bands built in.

Patch LT

32 point (16 in / 16 out) software controlled analog patching system


64 point (32 in / 32 out) software controlled analog patching system