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Thermionic Culture The Snow Petrel

Unveil the beauty of your favorite ribbon microphones in the most natural way, revealing sparkling clear highs down to harmonically rich lows. Designed originally for use with the Coles 4038 as a super-clean low noise unit, after extensive field tests in UK, Norway and France, we’ve found it sounds exceptional with ANY microphone including the classic Neumann U 87, perhaps because: We use extra-low noise valves with NO solid state impurities in the audio path, plus VERY special Sowter in and out transformers Input impedance is higher than usual to preserve clarity and can be tailored to individual mics with

Cedar Audio DNS 8D with Dante

We are delighted to announce the CEDAR DNS 8D – the first CEDAR product with Dante, designed specifically for customers in broadcast and live sound. More than two years in development, the DNS 8D is an important new 8-channel dialogue noise suppressor that has been requested by broadcasters and other DNS users worldwide. However, it’s not just a DNS 8 Live with modified I/O – we have spent that time developing a new algorithm that marries the best of the machine learning and signal processing on which the DNS 8 Live and the DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressors are based.

PROMO: Solid State Logic VHD PRE 500-series

Now only €399 ex VAT instead of €499 ex VAT troughout September 2019! The VHD Pre Module for the popular 500 format modular rack platform makes the uniquely versatile VHD based preamp technology from Duality, SSL’s industry leading large format studio console, available for studios of all sizes. The VHD Pre is an immensely versatile recording and processing device. It can deliver ultra clean SSL SuperAnalogueTM grade recordings but also features a switchable VHD mode. SSL’s patented Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) system uses a 100% analogue signal path to generate rich harmonic distortion. As you increase VHD input gain, the Variable

Solid State Logic Fusion

Fusion is an all-analogue 2U stereo outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. Fusion introduces five completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and space to your mix bus or stereo stems, with the detail, warmth and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide. The SSL sonic legacy is built upon a much-emulated collection of analogue audio processing tools that have featured in generations of studio consoles; pristine mic pre’s, classic Channel EQ & Dynamics, the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, the Listen Mic Compressor, and the unique SSL summing

AEA R44ACE Limited Edition

Combining most components of the R44CE with the active elements of the active A440 in a matte black finish, the R44ACE heralds the 20th anniversary of the legendary R44. The AEA R44ACE is an active, economic version of the R44C, delivering a classic sound with a modern aesthetic. Draw the R44ACE into your hand before the 52 units run out.