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Solid State Logic UF8

Advanced DAW Controller – Not all controllers are equal. UF8 is SSL’s latest studio controller, designed for today’s DAW-based production workflows and ultrafast turn-around times. An expandable 8-channel advanced DAW controller, UF8 connects engineers, producers and artists directly to the creative process, offering absolute command of their workflow and significantly accelerating the speed of audio production and content creation. UF8 is the culmination of SSL’s 40+ year legacy of mastering production workflows and studio ergonomics built into generations of classic SSL consoles. This depth of understanding of studio production, combined with decades of engineering excellence, delivers a premium finish tactile

Daking Mic Pre IIT

The Mic Pre IIT combines two of Daking’s celebrated stand-alone Mic Pre One units in a single rack space form factor for a surprisingly affordable price. The Mic Pre IIT adds Jensen transformers on both the input and output for a nice touch of color that Jensens are known for. Contact us for more info, demo and purchase!

CEDAR Studio 9 for Mac

Ultimate audio restoration for Mac – With a groundbreaking new version of Retouch, many algorithmic improvements, and fully Catalina & Big Sur (Intel Mac) compatibility! All info here – contact us for pricing / demo / purchase.

Prism Sound CALLIA

CALLIA embodies the Prism Sound uncompromising approach to audio resulting in the most accurate and detailed DAC available. Get 45% OFF now – Contact us.

SSL Duality Fuse

Large-Format SuperAnalogue™ Console with SSL δelta control and Fusion colouration processor. Read all about it here. Contact us for further info, details and pricing!

Prism Sound ADA-128

The Dream ADA-128 is Prism Sound’s new flagship modular convertor with analogue and digital I/O up to 128 channels in a 2U frame. Contact us for all info, details and pricing!

Little Labs LL2A now available!

The simple smooth effortless compressor limiter – available from stock! Read all details on this info sheet ! Contact us for further info and purchase!

SSL Nucleus2 + FREE Bus Compressor

Upgrade Your Studio Sound with SSL!  Purchase a Nucleus2 controller / interface before 31st August 2020 and receive a FREE Solid State Logic 500-series Bus Compressor. Contact us for all info and purchase!

Josephson Engineering C705

The C705 is a versatile studio microphone using a large diameter, center- supported single diaphragm cardioid capsule derived from the C715, and the discrete FET cascode input circuit and symmetrical balanced transformerless output circuit of the C716. The capsule, using a 5 micron gold-metallized diaphragm and precision machined internal surfaces, provides a smooth and very extended high end, and the enhanced proximity effect characteristic of single-diaphragm mics. This combination provides a new range of control for vocal pickup without sibilance, with a variety of tone colors possible by careful selection of distance and angle to the microphone. It’s also excellent for