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SADiE 6 Post Suite

Post Suite is for audio and video post production and includes video support, but not some of the audio and CD mastering tools. 

SADiE 6 Radio Producer

Radio Producer is aimed at professional radio broadcasters and radio content producers. It supports options such as VCS Dira! (playout server) integration and what are generally regarded as the fastest speech editing tools in the business. 

SADiE 6 Professional

SADiE 6 Professional is effectively the freelance version of “Radio Producer” with the same editing tools, but without the capability to be integrated into a playout system such as VCS. Some plugin options are also not available.


From the most powerful speech enhancement for forensics and security to the most demanding high-volume restoration for libraries and archives, CEDAR Cambridge is the most powerful tool in its class. It has also been used for premastering countless CDs, DVDs, broadcasts and movie soundtracks. Fully modular configurations!