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MADI Opti-Coax

The SSL ‘MADI Opti-Coax’ is a handy format converter box designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bi-directionally (64 IN & 64 OUT) between the MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial formats.

SB 32.24

DANTE stagebox/interface with 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue line outputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs on 4 AES3 input/output pairs.

SB i16

DANTE stagebox/interface with sixteen mic/line inputs.

SB 8.8

DANTE stagebox/interface with eight mic/line inputs and eight line level outputs.


The SSL Dante PCIe interface provides high capacity Dante connectivity to any suitably specified Mac or PC. It features Primary and Secondary network connections and streams up to 128 channels (at 44.1, 48 kHz, 88.2, 96 KHz) or 64 channels (at 176.4 or 192 kHz). Minimum latency and synchronisation is less than 1 μSec. The card is compatible with external PCIe chassis for laptops.


The SSL Network I/O: MADI-Bridge is a broadcast specification bridge between the industry standard MADI audio format and IP audio network’s using Dante. The MADI-Bridge enables C100 and C10 Digital Broadcast Consoles or any other standard MADI device to connect to Dante based IP Audio networks with full redundancy maintained.


DANTE interface with 32 input/output Pairs of AES3 audio I/O.


DANTE interface with 32 line inputs and 32 line outputs.


DANTE interface with 16 line inputs – four of which also have switchable mic circuits, 16 line outputs and 16 digital I/O in 8 AES3 pairs. There are four GPIO.


19″ 128 channel recorder. Supplied with MTR multitrack software and also full SADiE 6 post-production software. Includes many security features for live recording, including file preservation, disk mirroring, and minimal disk requirements. Records industry standard Broadcast WAV files.