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VSIO Digital Serial Interface Adapter

An interface adapter which allows bi-directional translation between the dScope’s AES3 output and input, and serial audio multiplex interfaces (for example I2S) such as are commonly found on digital audio ICs.

dS-NET I/O Switcher

The dS-NET-I/O Switcher provides cascadable 16-into-2 relay switching, and may be used for switching either analogue or digital (AES3) audio signals.

Rack 500 Dual

Zähl 500 series desktop case with external PSU. The environment we would like to operate our 500 gear in. 


Give your design that extra edge! The OP1-BP is arguably the best discrete audio OP-Amp currently available.


CHIRON cables have been developed with utmost transparency as the main design goal. Both the analog and digital balanced interconnects with XLR connectors are unshielded for very low stray capacitance effects. They exhibit cable geometries with extremely tight tolerances for a constant impedance.


Slithers (Modular I/O expansion cards) – SADiE Video sub-system – CAT Card (Timecode and machine control I/O) – Breakout boxes, Looms & Flightcase.