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TTC Loudspeaker Test Chamber

Spectral Measurement and Hill Acoustics are proud to introduce a new line of compact Loudspeaker Test Chambers (LTCs) for consistently stable, convenient and affordable loudspeaker measurements.

dS-LPF Low Pass Filter

The dS-LPF is a passive 20kHz low-pass filter in 2 or 4-channel configurations designed primarily for measuring digital power amplifiers.

VSIO Digital Serial Interface Adapter

An interface adapter which allows bi-directional translation between the dScope’s AES3 output and input, and serial audio multiplex interfaces (for example I2S) such as are commonly found on digital audio ICs.

dS-NET I/O Switcher

The dS-NET-I/O Switcher provides cascadable 16-into-2 relay switching, and may be used for switching either analogue or digital (AES3) audio signals.

dScope M1 series

Used with a new dScope Series III software version, the dScope M1 interface provides the most comprehensive and lowest cost solution for audio electronics and transducer testing. 

dScope series III

The dScope Series III is a comprehensive and powerful measurement system for analogue and digital audio generation and analysis, including digital audio carrier parameters, acoustic transducers and Windows™ sound devices (WDM or ASIO).