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Prism Sound Ultimate Collection

Buy a Lyra-1, Lyra-2 of Titan in “Ultimate Collection” edition and gain access to a wealth of creative, innovative and industry-leading audio tools. Prism Sounds Ultimate Collection is valued at over $4000, and features an array of premium instruments, contemporary FX plugins, an award-winning music production focused DAW and an industry-leading mastering and edit suite. Contact us for more info!


CALLIA embodies the Prism Sound uncompromising approach to audio resulting in the most accurate and detailed DAC available.


The Dream ADA-128 is Prism Sound’s new flagship modular convertor with analogue and digital I/O up to 128 channels in a 2U frame.

Prism Sound ADA-128

The Dream ADA-128 is Prism Sound’s new flagship modular convertor with analogue and digital I/O up to 128 channels in a 2U frame. Contact us for all info, details and pricing!

Prism & SADiE January promos!

During January 2020, following Prism Sound and SADiE promos are running. A great start for 2020, contact us to make use of any of these! Free Dante or MDIO PTHDX card for Titan or Atlas – Any Titan or Atlas purchase comes with either a free Dante card or MDIO-PTHDX card. Get £300 of Tracktion cash with every Lyra 1 or Lyra 2 purchase – Any purchase of a Lyra 1 or Lyra 2 comes with £300 Gbp ($395 USD) of FREE Tracktion cash ( which can be redeemed against any Tracktion product (Workstation, Instrument etc – £100 off SADiE 6.0


Verifile can reliably detect these mishaps, both in live streams and recorded files. A Verifile check can tell whether the sequence of audio samples have come verbatim from the source, or whether they have been corrupted en route – even if only a single (and perhaps inaudible) bit is wrong in an entire recording.


An Over-Killer is a soft-clipping limiter barrel to let you get more level on your digital copy by limiting the level of a balanced analogue signal to +18dBu. The OVER-KILLER, with its unique super soft clip circuit, stays soft even when large overloads are present and does not become hard like less sophisticated systems. 


The Dream DA-2 is the definitive music D/A converter, providing the most accurate rendition of an audio event whether it be early music, classical, jazz, big band, a club mix or hard rock. The DA-2 conversion system provides an audio stream of such exceptional quality that will be relied upon for years to come as the definitive source for productions on CD, DVD, Super Audio CD or other formats as they become available. 


The ADA-8XR is a multi-channel AD/DA converter that can be configured in numerous ways using plug-in modules to suit a very wide variety of applications. It can be a 16 channel AD converter, a 16 Channel DA converter or an 8 channel AD/DA converter, with different types of digital connectivity.


The DANTE module allows multiple Titan or Atlas units to be connected directly to a DANTE equipped network. With this setup, DANTE users can enjoy the excellent sound quality of both the Titan and Atlas A/D and D/A converters, and their equally well regarded on-board microphone preamplifiers.