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Josephson Engineering C705

The C705 is a versatile studio microphone using a large diameter, center- supported single diaphragm cardioid capsule derived from the C715, and the discrete FET cascode input circuit and symmetrical balanced transformerless output circuit of the C716. The capsule, using a 5 micron gold-metallized diaphragm and precision machined internal surfaces, provides a smooth and very extended high end, and the enhanced proximity effect characteristic of single-diaphragm mics. This combination provides a new range of control for vocal pickup without sibilance, with a variety of tone colors possible by careful selection of distance and angle to the microphone. It’s also excellent for


Omni measurement microphone.


Cardioid mic based on C715 capsule and C700/C716 circuitry, representing a new value level in top-quality large diaphragm condensor mics.

NAMM 2020: Josephson C705

Cardioid condensor mic with active balanced output – the most accessible large diaphragm mic from Josephson Engineering!


The C725 uses the dual-diaphragm capsule from the C700 series, with remote-switchable directional pattern and hybrid vacuum tube/FET cascode technology.


The C716 uses a version of the dual-diaphragm capsule used in the C700 series, but operated in cardioid only.


The C715 uses a single large diaphragm with an adjustable rear vent, allowing selection of omni or cardioid.


Josephson Series Seven microphones provide expert users with unprecedented flexibility. The C700A comes without the side-facing capsule, for mono pickups in any pattern.


Josephson Series Seven microphones provide expert users with unprecedented flexibility. The C700S allows any number of patterns to be derived for any single-point stereo or surround pickup.


The C617SET is the reference standard omnidirectional microphone, using a grown-in-place pure nickel diaphragm and internal 200 volt power supply.