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The DNS 4 is the most advanced portable model in the DNS series. The dialogue noise suppressors that everyone uses everywhere.

Cedar Audio DNS 4

The DNS 4 is the most advanced portable model in the DNS series. With its Hirose HR-10 power input and mini-XLRs for many connections, it takes up little more space than the industry-standard DNS 2 yet doubles the number of channels available. It’s incredibly fast and simple to use; the DNS algorithm requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function that identifies and adapts to the background noise, and then adjusting the amount of noise attenuation required. Notwithstanding this simplicity, it can achieve remarkable results. What’s more, despite being so convenient that you can slip it into your pocket

Cedar Audio Isolate™

Continuing a proud history of inventing technologies such as spectral editing, introducing machine learning into pro-audio and defining modern dialogue noise suppression, CEDAR Audio is again proud to announce another world first – this time designed to change the way in which it’s possible to record in noisy environments. Available initially as a module in its latest CEDAR Trinity 5 long-term recording, monitoring and enhancement system, Isolate™ makes it possible to isolate individual sound sources in noisy environments. However, unlike previous technologies that require large arrays of matched microphones to try to focus on individual speakers, CEDAR’s microphone array is smaller than

CEDAR Studio 9 for Mac

Ultimate audio restoration for Mac – With a groundbreaking new version of Retouch, many algorithmic improvements, and fully Catalina & Big Sur (Intel Mac) compatibility! All info here – contact us for pricing / demo / purchase.

New firmware for DNS 8D

The powerful 8 channel noise suppressor with AES/EBU and Dante got even better! Users can upgrade the firmware themselves – All info here!

Cedar Audio DNS 8D with Dante

We are delighted to announce the CEDAR DNS 8D – the first CEDAR product with Dante, designed specifically for customers in broadcast and live sound. More than two years in development, the DNS 8D is an important new 8-channel dialogue noise suppressor that has been requested by broadcasters and other DNS users worldwide. However, it’s not just a DNS 8 Live with modified I/O – we have spent that time developing a new algorithm that marries the best of the machine learning and signal processing on which the DNS 8 Live and the DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressors are based.


The 8-channel CEDAR DNS 8D is is the first DNS with a Dante® interface in addition to its AES3 audio connections. It hosts a new noise suppression algorithm optimised for broadcast and live sound, and its slick user-interface includes rapid setup and detailed modes offering better control than any previous dialogue processor.

CEDAR for Pyramix64

Written specifically for, and integrated within the workflow of Merging Technologies’ 64-bit Pyramix systems, CEDAR for Pyramix 64 includes six advanced processes that allow users to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of their audio.

Trinity Enhance

A plug-in compatible with all of the common audio and video playback and editing platforms, Trinity Enhance is simple to use but is nonetheless an effective audio forensic toolkit comprising four complementary processes that suppress noise and enhance speech to increase listenability and intelligibility.


CEDAR Trinity is a suite of products designed for real-time audio surveillance and related purposes. It can monitor and record live feeds, handle existing audio files, replay and enhance all or any part of a recording, allow multiple users to access feeds, log and transcribe events… and much more.