Next-gen production platform optimised for immersive music. Produce cutting-edge music and immersive content, quickly and efficiently.

Solid State Logic are regarded as pioneers in surround sound production technology, continually innovating and designing mixing consoles which empower engineers to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible. System T continues this, combining SSL’s legacy with the next generation of production tools required to make immersive music production fast, efficient and sound stunning. 

System T bridges the gap between commonly found DAW and controller setups, and what’s achievable when working on a real console. Its combination of cutting-edge digital audio handling and advanced production workflows, including Dolby Atmos, are complemented by legendary SSL production tools optimised for immersive music production, providing multi-format immersive and object signal paths.

Full SSL dynamics and EQ are available on every channel and bus, along with 3D panning, DAW control, Dynamic Automation, Dante integration and an inbuilt effect rack. Rounding off System T’s immersive production toolkit is a market-leading monitor section, providing up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring. System T is the next-gen production platform which allows your facility and engineers to excel at producing cutting-edge music and immersive content which stands above the competition.

System T’s ‘Tempest Engine’ DSP is built around the renowned Tempest processing technology. Its agile architecture allows engineers to start with a blank canvas and build the exact console needed for the task at hand. Channels, buses, sends and inserts can be configured exactly as required and easily changed at any point. Patching and routing can easily be managed directly from the console software. Everything can then be saved as a fully recallable setup, or template for future sessions.

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