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SSL XL-Desk! Also available: patchbay (€ 2000 ex VAT) and furniture (desk) (€ 1000 ex VAT).

Outboard & Mics

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Mäag 30 Years AIR Band PROMO

It’s 30 years since Cliff Maag introduced the revolutionary AIR BAND to the world! To celebrate we are thrilled to offer the world-class PREQ2 Dual Mic Preamp at an exclusive 30% discount for a limited period. We invite you to take advantage of this special offer from August 1st through August 14th 2023! Contact us for more info! IC1.1

Joystick Audio appointed as EU & UK distributor for IC1.1 Insert Computer The IC1.1 Insert Computer integrates’s well-known and proven analog circuitry with a computer-interface to take it to the next level. The IC1.1 can be controlled using the intuitive and classy front-panel, as well as through the use of a VST3 plugin, which allows you to save and automate settings while even multiple units can be stacked using this plugin. With the built-in Ethernet interface, you can easily connect the IC1.1 to your existing network. The IC1.1 provides a stereo input and stereo output (XLR), along with eight analog stereo inserts (analog Tascam

IC1.1 Insert Computer

Well-known and proven analog mastering router circuitry with a computer-interface to take it to the next level.


Introducing the CEDAR VoicEX voice extractor Stunning noise reduction for the 21st century CEDAR Audio is proud to announce a massive leap forward in AI-powered noise reduction with the introduction of the VoicEX voice extractor. This incorporates unique algorithmic capabilities that take it beyond standard AI-based noise reduction techniques, and it offers remarkable performance – so much so that, when hearing it for the first time, CEDAR’s own audio engineers were shocked at the amount of noise removed and the quality of the retained voices. Gordon Reid, CEDAR’s Managing Director says, “A few years ago, we started developing some of

Solid State Logic UF1

SSL UF1 is the ultimate single fader controller for anyone who wants comprehensive control of their DAW, bringing SSL’s renowned advanced workflow to in-the-box productions. UF1 boasts a premium 100 mm motorized fader, dual high-resolution displays, soft-feel durable rubber keys and a weighted jog wheel, all encased in a robust metal chassis. UF1 offers complete control of a DAW’s pans, sends, plug-in control and more, plus the ability to customise 46 soft keys specifically to your workflow. Clear and insightful visual feedback, intuitive control and deep integration with the SSL Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° software – UF1 offers power and


REMIC RESHAPE: TWO NEW MICROPHONES, FULL FLEXIBILITY TO SWITCH BETWEEN INSTRUMENTSOn the 1st of June, REMIC MICROPHONES will release the new product series REMIC RESHAPE. Pre-orders can be placed already now and deliveries will start in June. The development of the RESHAPE series is based on years of collected requests from the most demanding pro audio professionals in the world elite of live music productions. The product series consists of two new microphones and a series of mounts for violin, viola, cello, double bass and brass instruments. The RESHAPE series also includes a pencil holder, which allows for the microphones to

Solid State Logic System T for Music

Next-gen production platform optimised for immersive music. Produce cutting-edge music and immersive content, quickly and efficiently. Solid State Logic are regarded as pioneers in surround sound production technology, continually innovating and designing mixing consoles which empower engineers to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible. System T continues this, combining SSL’s legacy with the next generation of production tools required to make immersive music production fast, efficient and sound stunning.  System T bridges the gap between commonly found DAW and controller setups, and what’s achievable when working on a real console. Its combination of cutting-edge digital audio handling and advanced