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As new – with 8 EQ modules (8 free slots for any 500-series module!)


The DNS 4 is the most advanced portable model in the DNS series. The dialogue noise suppressors that everyone uses everywhere.

Cedar Audio DNS 4

The DNS 4 is the most advanced portable model in the DNS series. With its Hirose HR-10 power input and mini-XLRs for many connections, it takes up little more space than the industry-standard DNS 2 yet doubles the number of channels available. It’s incredibly fast and simple to use; the DNS algorithm requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function that identifies and adapts to the background noise, and then adjusting the amount of noise attenuation required. Notwithstanding this simplicity, it can achieve remarkable results. What’s more, despite being so convenient that you can slip it into your pocket

AEA Ulti-Mic Stereo Kit: WES80 Edition – Limited!

Introducing the Ulti-Mic Stereo Kit: WES80 Edition! To celebrate founder Wes Dooley turning 80 this year, AEA has created 80 Limited Edition Ulti-Mic Stereo Kits. What’s included:–AEA’s iconic R88 stereo mic featured in John Cuniberti’s OneMic series.–The original Ribbon Preamp, the TRP2, designed and optimized for ribbon microphones.–A rugged SKB road case with custom foam inserts.–An autographed hardback edition of Ron Streicher’s New Stereo Soundbook (third edition)–A 15-min personal zoom call with Wes Dooley, founder of AEA. (time to be set up at the customer’s convenience). Contact us for more info!

Crane Song Interstellar now available!

Stereo ADC using Crane Song’s Quantum, sub Pico second clocking technology. Included is DSP emulation for Triode and Pentode tubes, Tape emulation, dithering to 24 or 16 bits and word clock outputs, to function as a master clock. Contact us for more info!

GOLY line-up refresh

New CrosscOMPressionEQ, Tracking Dock, Stem Mix & Compression Matrix, fresh faceplate on PQ Master EQ – discover them all! Contact us for more info!

Cross Compression EQ

Use this unit as a bax style EQ, an “auto-tilt” dynamically triggered EQ, a standard EQ, two full band compressors working in tandem, or two bands of EQ. It will hold down excessive dynamics, or inject a dynamic element into your program material, if its a little too restrained and needs to dance a bit more

Stem Mix & Compression Matrix

A flexible, channel-split mix-bus compressor for modern, hybrid and hardware mixing. With the side chain mix and stem mix compression return, the possibilities are endless.

Tracking Dock

Single slot 500-series recording channel with two advanced dynamic EQ bands built in.